Research shows that hypnosis works as part of a treatment program for a number of psychological and medical conditions, with pain relief being one of the most researched areas, as shown in a 2000 study by psychologists Steven Lynn, PhD, Irving Kirsch, PhD, Arreed Barabasz, PhD, Etzel Cardeña, PhD, and David Patterson, PhD. Among the benefits associated with hypnosis is the ability to alter the psychological components of the experience of pain that may then have an effect on even severe pain.

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Conquer Your

Fear of Surgery

Various studies have shown how hypnosis has aided people in preparation for surgery. Hypnosis can also help you to control anxieties prior to procedures and experience rapid, comfortable recovery times.

Operation fears can harm recovery




Train Your Mind to Relieve Chronic Pain

Through Hypnosis

Hypno-analgesia is likely to decrease acute and chronic pain in most individuals and to save them money in surgical procedures. Hypnotic analgesia has been used successfully in a number of interventions in many clinics, hospitals, and burn care centers, and dental offices. For acute pain, it has proven effective in interventional radiology, various surgical procedures (e.g., appendectomies, tumor excisions), the treatment of burns (dressing changes and the painful removal of dead or contaminated skin tissue), child-birth labor pain, bone marrow aspiration pain, and pain related to dental work, especially so with children.



Chronic Pain Relief Hypnosis

Pain is your body’s signal that something is not quite right. But sometimes pain continues for too long as if the body has not learned when it can stop sounding the alarm. Hypnosis can help train your body to soothe discomfort, resetting its behavior for a relaxed response to chronic pain.

* Learn to reduce pain and relax.

* Retrain your body & mind to allow for comfort through subconscious thoughts

* Prevent chronic pain from interfering with your work, sleep, and life.