Take back control of your life and live on your terms.

It's time to seize the reins of your life and embrace living on your own terms! Say goodbye to settling for less and hello to claiming what you truly deserve. Now is the moment to forge the life you've always dreamed of. Are you prepared to ignite this transformation? Let's dive in and make it happen!

Uncover and dismantle the outdated programs of the PAST that are currently shaping your PRESENT, allowing you to pave the way for the FUTURE you've always envisioned.

Break Free from Limitations

Are you tired of being held back by your past? It's time for a transformation. Dive in to discover the key to unlocking personal liberation.

Seeking a path to unleash your full potential and reach new heights of success? Your answer lies with the Hypnosis Help Center. With a wealth of knowledge spanning over twenty years and a solid history of results, this is your ultimate destination for all things hypnotic. Reach out today to book your complimentary Hypnotic Strategy Session – let's kickstart this journey together!

 Smoking Cessation

Don't let smoking control you–quit today and start living a healthier life. You'll be able to breathe easily, smell better, and feel more in control.

 Weight Loss

If you're struggling to love your body, our weight loss program will help get rid of any unwanted fat and renew your confidence.

 Improving Confidence

The first step to improving your confidence is believing in yourself. Once you do that, the sky is the limit!


Hypnosis is when your mind is more open to hearing good suggestions. It is also when you let go of negative feelings. It is a natural process that happens to everyone. When it happens, your mind can quickly learn new skills and strategies.

We help you realign your conscious mind, which encompasses everything you know and trust, with your subconscious mind to help you think, feel, and behave the way YOU want to produce positive changes in your life. 

Hypnosis is about connecting you from where you are now to where you’d like to be. This unique approach makes it useful for issues such as sleeping better, relieving pain, improving confidence and self-esteem, overcoming fears, removing unwanted habits, studying better, boosting sports performance, eliminating procrastination, and much more.

You will quickly notice a distinct difference in our approach from anything you have encountered before. We will jump right into discovering what has been holding you back as soon as you walk in the door!

SUCCESS comes from taking Action

How does it WORK?

My approach is focused on what’s GREAT about you, rather than what’s WRONG with you.


  1. You will quickly notice a distinct difference in our approach from anything you have encountered before. We will jump right into to discovering what has been holding you back as soon as you walk in the door!
  2. You will learn how to get results right away, even if you have not been successful in the past.
    • You will get a plan that is customized for you, instead of one that is the same for everyone.
    • You will also learn how to hypnotize yourself quickly so you can keep control and fix your problem without help.
  3. Together, we’re going to get that part of your mind that has been holding you back to stop, change sides, and begin working with you powerfully to free you from the past.
This process begins with YOU


I hope you’re ready for a breakthrough in your life. With the power of hypnosis, it’s easier than ever to take back control and create success on your own terms. I can’t wait to get started with you – let’s do this!‚Äč

ICBCH-certified hypnotist Ignacio Segovia has more than two decades of experience studying the human mind and behavior. He focuses on helping individuals and organizations improve their well-being.

Ignacio Segovia is a psychologist, coach, hypnotist, writer, and lecturer. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the Central University of Venezuela and a master’s in industrial-organizational psychology and ergonomics from Paris Nanterre University.

Ignacio values his multicultural experiences from life in Venezuela, France, Canada, and the United States. As an individual, he is a professional, a Christian, and a family man.

He loves his family, Kung Fu practice, his Golden Retrievers, dancing and DJing, Sundays at Potential Church, and hypnosis time in his hammock. 

He is also an author, coach, and speaker on wellness and how to live utilizing Positive Psychology. 

His purpose in life is to partner with people to reach their God-given potential.


 Work-Life Balance Doesn’t Work: 
 How to achieve happiness and well-being in 5 steps 

What Do You Do When Everything You’ve Been Taught About Work-Life Balance Doesn’t Work?

This book provides readers with tangible tools to take greater control of their lives. Perhaps the most important thing this book offers is a reflection on your own questions. In this way, you can become a more active participant in your own development. In the end, you'll be clearer about what a good life looks like, allowing you to cultivate it and savor the joys you deserve.