At Hypnosis Help Center, we help ordinary, everyday people, who have made a decision, to reach their full potential,

using scientifically validated tools applied individually based on the client’s desires.

We Value,



A State of Complete Physical, Mental & Social Well-Being


The ability to avoid wasting energy, efforts, money, and time in solving the Client’s problem  & producing the desired result


Extensive Education, Competency, Honesty & Integrity, Accountability, Self-Regulation & Respect


The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and spring back into shape; Elasticity & Toughness


The Awareness that Arises Through Paying Attention, on Purpose, in the Present Moment, Non-Judgementally



Our Team




Ignacio Segovia

Ignacio Segovia

Ignacio Segovia is a Certified Professional Hypnotist under ICHB, and Sheila’s Granger’s Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis, he brings more than 15 years on the study of the mind and human behavior committed to the human well-being on individual practice as well in organizations.

Ignacio holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology and Human Factors. Author, Coach, and Speaker on Wellness and how to live utilizing Positive Psychology. Ignacio provides hypnosis for weight loss, change of habits, insomnia, fear regression, stress management, and mindfulness coach.

Nathalie Saenz

Nathalie Saenz

Consultant & Project Manager

Nancy Perdomo

Nancy Perdomo

Digitalization  Project Manager