Hypnoteraphy for Depression: How Hypnosis Can Help You Regain Happiness!

Contrary to popular belief, depression isn’t a synonym for feeling sad. And anyone who’s experienced depression knows this all too well. Depression is a serious mental illness, and its many sufferers – up to 16 million adults in the U.S. alone – experience daily bouts of hopelessness, fatigue, a racing mind, aches, and pains. In other words, it’s much deeper than just sadness – depression hijacks the mind and body. Now, you might be wondering: What does Hypnosis have to do with depression? Can something as simple as hypnosis really offer relief for depression? To answer that question, we have to dig a little deeper – into the subconscious mind, but the simple answer is a call from you.

Depression & Subconscious Mind

Many of our beliefs, emotions, and memories reside in the subconscious. In fact, everything we experience gets filtered through this repository of information. Most of the time, the subconscious is helpful, we see a butterfly at the park, and we’re able to identify it instantly. That’s because buried up there in the subconscious is a lot of useful information. We filter our experiences through this database, and – in a fraction of a second – the subconscious helps us make sense of the world around us. But some times can lead us to some mental traps like depression.

How Does Hypnosis for Depression Work?

Hypnosis is a highly relaxed, user-focused state of mind that we the majority of people can reach by following a few relaxation and focusing techniques.

In fact, being under “hypnosis,” is a lot like practicing meditation.

But there’s one key difference: Hypnosis has a goal.


Treating the Root Cause

A number of external and personal factors can increase the chance of depression. For example, drug abuse affects millions of adults globally and it has close ties with depression. About one-third of addicts are clinically depressed.

Low self-esteem, obesity and even stressful life events like starting a new job can also exacerbate depression.

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