Start a New Career, Learn Empowering Skills, and Become Confident as a Hypnotist.


Tap into your mind’s best natural resources, grow a new profession helping others achieve success, and build a career with one of the mind’s best-kept secrets.




Next Training February 2021


You will learn information in this course that you will not find from any other training opportunity.

The goal of this course is your success. Hypnosis training stands on its own as a powerful modality for personal change, it’s an incredible supplement to all other helping professions, and it’s a great opportunity to explore the possibilities of the human mind.



Are you new to Hypnosis?

This course will give you a solid foundation of hypnosis training, the style of which most hypnotists should have learned in the first place. From day one, you will learn how to induce hypnotic results in your clients, get your community excited about hypnosis, and grow your skills in this new profession.

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Are you already trained in hypnosis?
If you are not as confident or as effective in your skills as you like, this course is for you. Master hypnotic phenomena, learn how to effectively deepen your clients, and learn how to work beyond the written script and customize for your client.

Ignacio Segovia has already become known as a resource for already-trained hypnotists looking to sharpen their skills.

Are you not getting the results you’d like with your clients? Is your business not where you’d like it to be?

Refocus and revitalize your hypnosis career by attending this course.